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Testimonials – Mad Dog Justice

Mad Dog Justice speeds along with more turns than a Vespa cruising through traffic. It’s a smart, twisting thriller that grows into the weightier issues of friendship, vengeance and betrayal.”
– Andrew Gross, bestselling author of No Way Back and Everything to Lose

“What price must a man must pay for doing a very bad thing for a very good reason? That is the question Mad Dog Justice poses and the answer is written with great skill and creaks with tension and truth.”
– Simon Toyne, author of the internationally bestselling Sanctus Trilogy

Mad Dog Justice is a supremely effective, pulse-pounding tale of post-modern paranoia. The third in Mark Rubinstein’s stellar series provides a new take on the classic A Most Dangerous Game, told in a sparse, deceptively simple style that makes for the perfect complement to this rivetingly complex tale. A devastating foray into terror that places Rubinstein in the elite company Harlan Coben and Lisa Gardner where he clearly belongs.”
– Jon Land, bestselling author of The Tenth Circle and/or Strong Rain Falling

“Mark Rubinstein has written another riveting psychological drama. From the shots fired in the first pages to the final haunting and shocking ending, Mad Dog Justice will draw you into its character’s world–and never let you go.”
– E.J. Simon, author of Death Never Sleeps

“Mark Rubinstein’s taut thriller explores the aftermath of a crime and the unraveling of two friends in a gripping tale of morality and mortality.”
– Elizabeth Joseph, Ferguson Library, Stamford, CT

“From the opening sentence to the last word, Mad Dog Justice had me riveted. You don’t have to have experienced Mad Dog House to love this novel.”
– Christopher David Petersen, author of Tear in Time and Tomb of Atlantis

Mad Dog Justice has tremendous literary quality. Rubinstein weaves words and thoughts as a Flemish artist lovingly would craft the world-famous Chantilly lace: ‘Crossing the bridge, necklaces of red and white lights slink languorously in the distance. Lower Manhattan’s crenelated wall of glittering lights looms just beyond the bridge and reflects on the inky waters below.’ That goes way beyond visuals. That sort of wordsmithing injects a conceptual photograph into the reader’s brain. Is it because the author is a psychiatrist who understands the manipulation of the brain; or is it that the psychiatrist has pupated inside the chrysalis into literary genius?”
– Dan Santos, CMSFS(R), author of Insurrection: Appalachian Command and the forthcoming Insurrection: The Rockies

Mad Dog Justice thrums with relentless intensity and suspense. Rubinstein has created a palpable cast of characters who stay with you long after you finish the book.”
– Jessica Speart, author of A Killing Season and Restless Waters: A Rachel Porter Mystery

“Reading Mad Dog Justice is akin to being on a treadmill that’s been programmed to perpetually increase speed until your heart threatens to burst from your chest. The tension in this novel accelerates to breakneck speed, and just when you think you might get a reprieve Rubinstein shocks you again. Mark Rubinstein is a writer that all thriller lovers should have on their read list.”
– Joseph Badal, author of The Lone Wolf Agenda

Mad Dog Justice is as intriguing and addictive as the previous novels of fascinating man and brilliant story-teller, Mark Rubinstein. All I can say is, keep on writing Mark, and we’ll keep on reading! ”
– Cindy Armor, Reading Specialist & Educator-CT Public Schools

Mad Dog Justice is a thrilling adventure along that ever widening chasm between innocence and immorality. Rubinstein’s dynamic characters are both likable and despicable as they grapple with noble values in a complex society that threatens their survival.”
– Helen M. Farrell, MD, Forensic Psychiatrist and writer at Harvard Medical School, author of “Frontpage Forensics” (on Psychology Today)

“Mr. Rubinstein does it again! Mad Dog Justice is a book that not only demands to be read from cover to cover in one sitting, but long after you finish it, you’ll still be thinking about it. Simply brilliant!”
– Dianne Harman, author of Blue Coyote Motel, Coyote in Provence, Tea Party Teddy, and Tea Party Teddy’s Legacy

“The action flies off the page from the very beginning of this high-voltage thriller, and a palpable feeling of panic is often claustrophobic. ‘Mad Dog’ Roddy DolanCformer boxer and tough guy, now a physician and respectable family manCcalls into question what once were fixed points on your moral compass. It’s impossible not to be drawn into his world.”
– Elissa Durwood Grodin, author of Physics Can be Fatal and Death by Hitchcock

“If you are an adrenaline junkie, you will love this book! If you like Robert Ludlum, Eric Lustbader, and Barry EislerCyou will love this book . . . From the opening chapter to the last, Mad Dog Justice takes the reader on a roller coaster ride with Dan and Roddy as they deal with the aftermath of their actions in the first installment of the series. This work though, reads quite well on it’s own. High octane thrilling, and un-putdown-able!”
– Nancy Gazo, Mystery Writers of America member and reviewer

Mad Dog Justice is an authentic thriller. It races at the speed of light, propelled by mysterious killer stalkers, unnerving detail, and fascinating relationship issues between friends and spouses; Rubinstein keeps you guessing, on several levels until the last word.”
– Dorothy Hayes, author of Murder at the P&Z, A Carol Rossi Investigative Reporter Mystery Series. Hayes also writes for WomenofMystery.Net and

“The characters’ paranoia and the incredible suspense jump off the page!”
– Karen Vaughan, author of Dead Comic Standing and Daytona Dead

“There are those who say that Godfather II is better than The Godfather. Mad Dog Justice expands on Mad Dog House as you snake your way into the brilliance of the abyss. Prepare to be on pins and needles. Mark Rubinstein does it again. You don’t want to go down that rabbit hole but you must. His characters are a part of you and you have to know what happens to them.”
– Terri Altergott, PBC

“Mark Rubinstein’s mastery lies in his incredible attention to details. His stories are intractably woven, quick paced, and never short on suspense!”
– Tina Schwartz, Assistive Technology Specialist

Mad Dog Justice is a very engrossing thriller. The suspense will keep you up and turning the pages. I loved the wild ride right to the end. This is a must read!”
– Barbara Wells

“Rubinstein’s dialog draws the reader into the story inextricably so that he is living the story along with the characters. A wonderful, fast, frenzied read. Not for the faint of heart.”
– Harvey Morgan, Certified Manufacturing Engineer, International Brotherhood of Transport Workers

“From the first page you are on a roller coaster full of intrigue, betrayal and mixed emotions. It was great to see ‘old friends’ from Mad Dog House continue their journey. I look forward to more.”
– Cathy Werner (Leander, TX), local volunteer, avid reader, high school mentor

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave! As protagonists Roddy and Danny become ensnarled in a web of lies and intrigue, author Rubinstein leads us through the intricacy of emotional, physical and psychological consequences of their actions in a page turning thriller. I kept thinking: Shakespeare meets CSI.”
– Lynn Allison, author and medical reporter for American Media Inc.

“Outstanding–what a follow-up to Mad Dog House. From start to finish–an incredible read. You feel every emotion with Dan and Roddy as they go on this roller coaster journey. Great story and even greater ending. Definitely will go on my shelf to read again. Cannot wait to see what lies ahead.”
– Michael Howell