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Interview Questions – Mad Dog House

  1. Do you find that practicing psychiatry helped you write Mad Dog House?
  2. How much of your own childhood (or that of friends) in Sheepshead Bay go into the story of Mad Dog House?
  3. Can you describe your writing process?  Are you very clinical as you might be in your psychiatry practice, or are you more free flowing?
  4. In the past you have written five non-fiction medical advice books.  What led you to writing a novel?
  5. Did your interest in forensic psychiatry aid you in working out the details within Mad Dog House?
  6. How did the idea of Mad Dog House come to you?
  7. How is writing fiction different than writing non-fiction?
  8. Who are your biggest influences in the thrillers and suspense genre?
  9. Who are your favorite writers?
  10. Does being a psychiatrist help you develop characters or does it make it more difficult for you to flesh out a character without giving too many details away?