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Mad Dog Vengeance blasts out of the gate and never lets up. Yes, it’s an absolute thriller of a novel. But it’s also smart and humane with a great sense of place.”

C. J. Box, New York Times #1 bestselling author of Paradise Valley and Vicious Circle.

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Mad Dog Justince

Mad Dog Justice speeds along with more turns than a Vespa cruising through traffic. It’s a smart, twisting thriller that grows into the weightier issues of friendship, vengeance and betrayal.”

–Andrew Gross, bestselling author of No Way Back and Everything to Lose


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Mark Rubinstein's Mad Dog House

“In Mark Rubinstein’s Mad Dog House, the characters–all well-developed and dripping with authenticity–propel the novel along with style and edge-of-your-seat excitement. Word of caution: be prepared for an all-night, page-turning read where you will emerge exhilarated and begging for more.

“Rubinstein, a master at his game, introduces us to a world of glitz, glam, sex, and intrigue. Slip into a chilled martini and settle in for a literary ride you won’t soon forget.”

–Judith Marks-White, author of Seducing Harry and Bachelor Degree, and columnist, “The Light Touch,” Westport (CT) News

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“Mark Rubinstein’s Love Gone Mad is a beautifully crafted suspense novel. The characters are people you care about, the story is fast-paced and cleverly plotted, and the dialogue is on-point. Let me warn you, though. This book is Stephen King scary. Some of the scenes were so intense I found myself wanting to get up and go check the locks on my doors and windows.”

—Scott Pratt, bestselling author of the Joe Dillard series

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The Foot Soldier

“The The Foot Soldier lets you experience the Vietnam War without having been there. It shows the terror and brutality of jungle warfare and their effect on the American riflemen—those who bore the greatest burden. It’s every bit as compelling as The Things They Carried. It’s a chilling story but a must-read.”
—Martin Isler, Cpl, 108th Infantry, World War II, Pacific Theatre

“The story describes the days in the life of a grunt during the Vietnam War. It’s very well written.”
—Bob Elton, 1st Lt, MACV (Military Assistance Command, Vietnam) MAT I-13, 1970–1971


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